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***BEAUTIFUL Block Old GALALITH **** (French Bakelite) - *** Brown Brushed Horn*** -

Photo not contractual - indicative Weights


It does test positive for Galalith.

Made in France by the company Feuillant (closed in 1992)

The size of one plate is approximate : . 20,5 to 21 cm/ 25 to 27 cm

The Weight depend of the Thickness / Size/ and Color


o Weightt for 3mm of Thickness is between 230g and 300g

o Weightt for 4mm of Thickness is between 300g and 330g

o Weightt for 5mm of Thickness is between 360g and 390g

o Weightt for 6mm of Thickness is between 430g and 480g

o Weightt for 7mm of Thickness is between 510g and 550g

o Weightt for 8mm of Thickness is between 580g and 650g

o Weightt for 10mm of Thickness is between 730g and 830g

o Weightt for 12mm of Thickness is between 900g and 950g


Old material. Between 35 and 50 years old.

** BEAUTIFUL Block Old GALALITH ** Brown Brushed Horn

SKU : R148BrownT10
67,00 €Prix
COLOR: Brown
  • Return conditions:

    The material is old. It can therefore have some defects related to his age. In the event of major damage to the unpacking, you may request a Return No. Your request must be made within 2 days of receipt with photos. It will be studied and an answer will be sent to you. Shipping costs remain your responsibility. In case, the parcel is damaged at reception, it is imperative to report it to your delivery person. No request will be accepted for degradation at use.

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